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Kick Start Wellness Plan

 Say "Yes!" to the Kick Start Wellness Plan! This 3 month engaging plan will include: Your Personal Wellness Plan based on your Assessment: 1 Week of Menus and Recipes; Weekly email check-in PLUS: 3 / 30 minute in person/skype sessions to keep you inspired! Monthly rate: $120 (All plans are available after 1 hour consultation session)  .

4 Steps to a Better YOU!

Step 1. Book Your FREE 30 Minute Consultation

Step 2. Book Your 1 hour Wellness Review

Step 3. Pick your Package

Step 4. You're on your way to Wellness!! 

Imagine Wellness Plan

 What is your vision of a healthy you? The Imagine Wellness package will not only have you imagining healthier you it will give you the tools to BECOME a healthier you! Included in this plan: A personalized wellness plan based on your indepth assessment: Daily check-in with inspiring motivations: Recipes/menus/ grocery list: Workout and meditation plan: Regular email support and encouragement. PLUS: 6/ 30 minute inperson/skype sessions!! What is holding you back? $210 monthly or $597 total cost.  

What is an Assessment Plan?

Before we meet for your Wellness Review, an intake form will be sent to you to fill out.  Together, we will explore your answers on the intake form at the Wellness Review.  An indepth Assessment will then be developed based on our review.